Great Expectations

Are you expecting too much from someone? if yes, then my friend be cautious… a heartache may be around you.


Expecting something good from your loved ones is not a crime and we agree that this is a vital aspect of any relationship. Most of the time our expectation drives us to do good to this world in form of son, daughter, father, mother, friend, spouse, employee or employer.
When we put extra efforts to make them happy and satisfied, most of the time on cost of our own happiness and satisfaction. Then we expect reciprocation of our effort…. which may not come as per our expectation.

Many quotes keep floating like : “Expectation is the root of all heartaches” , “Expectation is the mother of all frustrations and disappointments” etc. But we still keep expecting from this life and wait for our desires to be fulfilled. Why?

Because this is natural…which is injected when two  people are close enough and somewhere in their heart they feel that the other person should care for them. Expecting that  – your care will make your loved one happy, your presence would help your kids to be better individual, your hard work will give better result and  friends needs you in their good and bad times, are some examples of natural expectations

When we over expect then it becomes reason for dissatisfaction and heartache. Please remember no one is here to live someone else expectations. There are few thoughts which if we can control then can reduce disappointment & frustrations from our life.

# Why someone will change for you?.
If you are expecting someone to change as per your desire then you don’t respect them. Every human being is different and special, we should learn to love and respect them as they are. Let me tell you, actually we need someone who is not like us, to fill colors in our life. Imagine a painting with same colors or orchestra with same type of instruments – sounds awful, isn’t it? Because beauty, love, fun and excitements lies in contrasts, dissimilarity, disparity, dissimilitude, distinction, contradistinction & divergence !  

Stop expecting people to change, respect and appreciate them as they are. Everyone is wonderful, remarkable and special 🙂 .

# Why someone will agree with you?
Never forget that you are here to live your life, you don’t need others agreement to be happy. Feel excited on your views towards your life, never expect agreement from others because you don’t know about their life and their priorities. Take your own decisions and approve them, how someone else will give better opinion who know less about you than you. 

Same applies to them also, so they may not agree with you, but it doesn’t mean they are not with you 🙂 .

# How someone will know what you’re thinking?
We should not expect people to understand what we are thinking and how we are feeling because they can’t read minds 🙁 . They will never know how you feel unless you tell them. Its simple, you have to express yourself, don’t expect people to solve the puzzle of your silence. Your family, friends, colleagues and boss everyone cares about you but you have to keep telling them about what you want and how you feel because they can’t read minds 🙂 .

# Why they should be available for you always?
Everyone is fighting  battle of their life, there always a possibility that they may not be able to stand beside you when you were expecting them to be. That is okay, because finally its your life and you have to fight it out for yourself not for others. So, if someone is not there on one crucial day, he has given you a chance to gain confidence in yourself by fighting it out without them. So thanks them…. and remember if you spill out your anger and frustration over them then be sure that next time again you will be alone. 

# Why they should respect you?
I generally find people complaining that someone has not shown respect towards them. Actually its funny, we ourselves decide that people should respect and when don’t get expected response then we get disappointed. Is this not hilarious? We are deciding that how people should treat us but we never bother how we treated them and how we carry ourselves.  Actually we should first respect ourselves, keep faith in who you are and focus on doing good to people. Don’t expect respect from outside world, develop self respect and love yourself 🙂 .

# Why you will always get the desired result?
We spend time and effort in planning, developing and executing any task/project, so expecting a desired result is natural. But expecting that it will be always a success then it is over expectation, which lead to frustration and disappointment. Respect your and others efforts and get ready for one more try with new learning you got from previous failure. Remember failure is a discovery ! It is applicable in all aspects of our life :). 

Please remember  – keep your aim high, work hard and hope for the best but expect less from the life !


“We cannot expect people to have respect for law and order until we teach respect to those we have entrusted to enforce those laws.” ― Hunter S. Thompson

“What makes earth feel like hell is our expectation that it should feel like heaven.” ―Chuck P

“The best things in life are unexpected – because there were no expectations.”- E Khamarov

“I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.” – Bruce Lee

Friends, I share what we experience in our everyday life, this is also one of them. No serious writing 🙂 .


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  1. Bonobology says:

    Painstakingly and beautifully explained. Although it is natural to have expectations, we need not give them more importance than required.

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