Make it Simple !

Few days back, one of my friend shared a beautiful experience of his life, which again strengthen my belief that ‘simplicity and forgiveness’ is paramount, it benefits both the parties.

The guy is working with a MNC and also have many friends/colleagues, like other friends, they also share many casual moments, talks and chats through different mediums. One of his female friend was in frequent touch with him through some social media, both married and mature people. He was not able to explain but due to some reason, my good friend misunderstood that lady and then…… there was a BANG !

Being a good friend, one very pleasant evening, my friend expressed all his confusion in front of her. You know what he said? He said that “her messages and activities are giving hints that you are interested in me, but I don’t want all these things because I am already committed to my wife“. The lady very gracefully said that -” you are my good friend and there is nothing like you are thinking. I am sorry if something from me was misleading.”   The guy was deeply embarrassed.

My friend told me that after this incident, he was not able to face her and decided to end the friendship. But his friend, not only forgive him for misunderstanding her, but also made  efforts to make him comfortable.

I don’t know how she was so uncomplicated ! After listening all these, I felt like to kick my friend for his foolishness and go and ask that lady how she was able to handle this with so simplicity. I don’t know how she looks, but guarantee that my good friend will never forget her in his life 🙂 .

This incident taught me that – It’s on us that how we are going to deal with any bad phase or situation of our life  : make it simple or complicate it for yourself and others. When you have a grudge against someone, its almost as if you are carrying him around on your back with you. He drains out your energy, enthusiasm and peace of mind. The moment you forgive him, you are free from him and back to you normal life.

Its always better to keep things simple in your life and for that we need to learn forgiveness. Yes, it requires lot of courage but it reflects the quality of your life.  

Cheers to simplicity and forgiveness ! 


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