When you Slip !

What happens when you slipped and fell down on the road while walking toward your home? You immediately stand up and resume to what you were doing. Suppose it hits you hard, then someone comes and helps you in standing up and after a little rest you again start. You don’t sit down there…. you make all effort to reach home.  Good to read !

But what happens when you slip in your career or relationship ? 99% time you are tempted to sit and stay completely still to avoid further mess ups. Suddenly you feel like all the progress you made are not realistic and you put all your focus on why I slipped. Is there something wrong inside me? or my approach was not correct, what my loved ones will think about it. These thoughts might slide you back to the bottom.

We all slip, we all fall and we all have set-backs. That’s life ! First try to learn to accept in front of your people that you slipped.

You can learn a lot from a slip or a fall, like :

– You were not focused or peeping somewhere else 🙂
– It teaches you how to avoid further slips.
– When you start again, it doubles your confidence.
– In a relationship, it strengthen your belief in your true love.
Many other thing – you can write in the comment section for our other readers.

Standing up after a slip and starting again, always gives the more clear picture of our goal.

If we have messed up today, this doesn’t mean that its all over or you are done. Trying and slipping is always better than doing nothing in life. But be honest in your approach and toward your loved ones.

Remember :

A bad incident in life – gives you EXPERIENCE
A Worst incident in life – teaches you a LESSON
Good incident – gives you HAPPINESS and MEMORIES !

Happy Falling…..Keep Learning !


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One Response to When you Slip !

  1. Subhram K says:

    Interesting Alok ! Falling / slipping also gives a chance to relook at our life.

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