The Glass Jar

From last 50 days I was completely out of action from my passion – making websites and posting articles. Even I was not able to find time for my friends. Many thing happened during these days – went to my native for festivals, was recognised by my organisation for some good work and loads of projects. Seriously ! I am enjoying but observed that 24 hours is not sufficient to deliver my daily to do list. Unwanted stress due to hectic schedules and timelines, it become worst when realised that I missed some get-together chances with my friends. Complete mess in life!

It’s not like that I haven’t gone through such phase earlier, but sometime you don’t get time to revisit yourself because you are so much busy in meeting daily challenges and targets. Same happened to me, but  fortunately 2-3 days back I received a mail which reminded me that – most important for life is to set your priorities right !  I am unable to resist myself by sharing this with my reader friends, so it’s here for you:

A professor of philosophy enters in class and told the students
that today he is going to teach an important lesson of life today.

He brought with him a large glass Jar and placed it on the table
and then began putting some Tennis Balls until it fit the last space left in the Jar.

He asked the students – Is this Jar full?  Student – Yeah …

Then Professor started filling small gravels in the jar. After little adjustments jar was full of balls and gravels.
Again he asked the students – Is this jar full?  Student – Yeah …

Now Professor pull out a bag of sand and slowly began to pour it in the Jar, sand was also settled in the jar in all the possible spaces…… Now the students laughed at their innocence.

Again professor asked the students – Is this jar full now?  Student – Yes .. now finally it is full .. all said in unison.

Now again, professor take out two cup of coffee from under the table, put it in the jar, without any surprise the sand absorbed all the coffee in a very small place.
This time professor didn’t asked anything and students were CONFUSED !

Post observing his students for a while…..Professor explains :

Assume that this glass JAR is your LIFE….

The Tennis Balls are the most important part of your life means your family, children, friends, health, passion & interests.

Gravels are your job, car, big house etc and

Sand is the small- small useless things like estrangement, rift, spat, strained relations etc..

Now if you filled Sand into the Jar first, then it leaves no place for Tennis Balls and Gravels. Or, if you have filled the Jar first with the Gravels then you would leave no space for the Tennis Balls, yes you will definitely get space for Sand.

The same thing applies to our life,  Now if you fill Sand into the Jar first, then Tennis Balls and Gravels will not get any space in the Jar. If you waste your time in small and trivial things then will never get enough time for important aspects of life.

You have to decide, what are the things precious to your life. Spend time with your family, play with your kids, pay attention to your health, take interest in maintenance of your home, go on vacations, include sports in your activity list…means…first ensure utmost care of Tennis Balls, it is most important. When you have full control on Tennis Balls then you will realize that all other are Sand.

Students were lost in the professor’s speech on life’s truth. Suddenly a student asked – What about those two cups of coffee? Do they have any importance in our life?

Professor smiled and said – I was surprised that why this question still not asked. Listen my child, answer is –  After all success, satisfaction and fulfillment in your life, never forget to keep some space for two cup of coffee with your best friend.



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  1. Supriya says:

    Beautifully scripted, lesson can be learned from this professor. Thanks for sharing.

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