Think about your profit only

Title looks like a statement of a very selfish man….isn’t it? You must be thinking that our great people always suggested / advised mankind to think about other people’s profit and benefits first. Then why I am making such a silly statement? So, before going forward in this article, let me tell you two things:

First, I am not a great man and Second, I am talking about some very subjective profits in a different scenario.

your profit only

Let’s see a scenario – During my college I got an online project of data conversion for a publishing house, there was good commission but project was slightly big to handle alone. So, I decided to partner one of my friend who was also having some free time. I explained everything to him and we prepared a plan to complete the job in given 35 days. As expected he asked what is the total amount being paid for this project, and I told him – you will get Rs 20K for these 35 days. This was indeed a handsome amount in 2001, but you know what happened then? He didn’t turned up from next day because he came to know from other sources that I am making some good money from this project.

I was not able to understand why this guy is not thinking about the money he is getting without any extra effort which was made in networking, liaising and negotiation to get this project ? Rather he is worried about what I am earning. Since then, at many occasions I heard that many of my friends and colleagues experienced such behavior from the people around them. I also observed that such people who first evaluate others share before their own, always loose some good chance in their life, they become a sure shot reason for a collapse of any partnership and always live in stress.

So if you want to start and flourish without unwanted stress then please start thinking about your profit only. You should only evaluate your part of earning against the job or responsibility assigned….try to refrain yourself from measuring and comparing others earning and their job.

Think about your profit only….don’t compare it with others! Acceptance or rejection of an opportunity should be based on your profit share, not on others. This is positive thinking!

“Don’t compare your beginning with someone else middle” ~ Unknow

“Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another.” ~ Marquis de Condorcet


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