The Desire for more than ‘Enough’

desireI started my career with a salary of Rs 5K per month and was always having a wish to reach at least up to Rs 25K -30K to live comfortably. I reached to my target in next 2 years, but then again some new targets were there to follow because of new aspirations. Today I earn much more than 25K but still not satisfied. Its good to have aspirations and planning to improve your financials or grow in your work,  but up to what level? Now I feel that there is no end to this hunger and no one is satisfied at any level.

Why we are not satisfied? What can be enough for us?

We have learned from an early age, by friends, family, television, movie, and the general culture- we always seem to want more. More money, better furniture, a better house [more house :)] , a better car [more car :)], more clothes, more shoes, more success.

What happens when we get more? We are not satisfied, because there are new ads for new gadgets, for new LEDs, for new cellphones, for new cars, for new clothes and new properties. We again gear up to have those. It’s impossible to satisfy the hunger for more, because our culture is in never satisfying mode and we are also never satisfied with what we have. We always run behind those things which we don’t have.

This is new era of ‘consumerism – The theory which advocates that a progressively greater consumption of goods is advantageous to the economy’.  This  theory is not allowing us to think what is ‘enough’ for us. Have you ever asked to yourself that how much is enough and when we would be satisfied? If you try to search the answer honestly, then you will find that you already have enough…..more than enough.

Enough does not mean the just basic necessity of life like – Home, food, education, furniture, transport etc. Enough means having enough to live, and enough to be happy, and enough to progress & prosper. Some people like to listen  good music, so a hi-tech music system with loads & variety of music will give them immense happiness. For some people an Ipod will be enough to satisfy their music needs.  They can listen this music over TV or radio but that is not enough because they love music and need personal collection.

I love to create personal websites, surf and blog – so its enough to have a PC or laptop with good configuration. But if I have PC, Laptop and Tab, then its more than enough. If you love food then ‘enough’ is to have good tasty food, it should not happen to get more than enough which results to wastage and overeating.

Lets start finding how much is enough in our life and start avoiding more than enough things. In this way you can help yourself and others too: You can avoid yourself from being over stressed for grabbing & maintaining extra assets, and you can leave those excess things (more than enough) for others which may act as their basic need.

Please ask few questions to yourself:

1. What are the main things that helps you in comfortable survival,  make you happy and  things which you need to prosper ?

2. What are the things & desires you have which is beyond the need for survival, comfort, happiness,and prosperity? Means ‘more than enough’.

3. In case, you didn’t want to have more than ‘enough’, will it allow you to work less ?

4. In case, you worked less, would you be happy with ‘enough’, and happier doing other things like spending quality time with loved ones?

Post answering these questions, I hope that you would be able to understand the desire for ‘more than enough’ .


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4 Responses to The Desire for more than ‘Enough’

  1. Sudhir Patel says:

    Alok, first of all, an excellent topic to discuss. True, there is no end to a persons requirements as the requirements change after attaining a certain level.

  2. Kirtee R says:

    Good food for our brain

  3. Thanks Kirtee…problem is that we know all these things but we still fail to control ourselves

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