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Rejection gives a new direction

Rejection is not a bad event of your life, it opens new avenues and give freedom to try alternate things. Today I will share an incident of rejection which gave a great physicist and scientist to this world – Dr C … Continue reading

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Thinking is waste of time – Take Action

You must have heard the story of a person who worshiped god for many years and every day requests to bless him to win 1 crore lottery. One day god appeared and asked with frustration – ‘My child I am … Continue reading

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The Desire for more than ‘Enough’

I started my career with a salary of Rs 5K per month and was always having a wish to reach at least up to Rs 25K -30K to live comfortably. I reached to my target in next 2 years, but … Continue reading

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Why we need friends?

Your life is nothing without your family, they share the same blood with you, your family will sacrifice everything for you, they always support you in any untoward circumstances and they stay with you longer than any other relationship. Then … Continue reading

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