Let’s Change Some Rule – Part II

In article – Let’s Change Some Rule, one of our friend has pointed out some old rules which are not very effective in current scenario and need to be changed. Today in Part-II, we will talk about a new trend/rule which is intellectually eating our brain.

BREAKThese days many organisations are focusing on ‘Behavioral development’ of their employees. Where they define some set of competencies which need to be focused and practiced by their employees. Fortunately it differs from grade to grade. But if there are same parameter for each group of managers or executives then also I doubt on its effectiveness.

Once I read in a book that a performing team leader, whose team’s business was roaring at 300% yearly growth gets negative remark from his HR department. They said that “You are the worst manager of the orgnaisation”. He was stunned, and asked “Which figures or stats gave you that Idea?”.

“The Behavioral competency survey of this year” – HR replied. He was told that his direct reports have rated him on some 30 different competencies, and although he has scored very well on some of them, but overall calculation results the average which is lowest in the organisation. He was advised to work on low scoring areas because this year management wants improvement in these areas. Now this manager is completely confused – Should I refine my strong point (because this year targets are tougher than last year) and maintain the business success, or start working in different style to develop lacking competencies. He also has fear to lose business if he is focusing on these detailed behavioral competencies.

Actually company was having good intention to develop good managers, but they gone to extreme in defining the competencies. These days companies are defining a managers role in so much detail that they are overburdening their poor managers with a huge list of ‘behavioral competencies’ like – Managing diversity, change, self development, inspirations, Risk ability, taking charge, vision, result orientation, sensitivity and many more .

When organisations measure their managers / employees on these competencies (by their supervisor, peer and direct reports) they should also know that each and every manager is different with  his own natural style. Sometime this over doing kills their natural style of working and they feel unwanted pressure because of something which is not so important. These days behavioral competencies are becoming more important than their business KRAs (Key result area) and sometime these front line managers find themselves as a victim of this competency woven mesh –  ‘Area of development’ , ‘area of opportunity’, development plan’, ‘performance grid’, ‘performance chart’ etc etc and etc.

As per Mr Buckingham – Company should keep every manager focused on the four core activities : Select a person, Set expectations, Motivate the person, and develop the person. No matter how many styles are displayed. Every manager or leader has different way to motivate & develop people, and company should try to support, develop and cultivate the diversity.

You may differ with my views over this review mechanism but I strongly feel that these days companies are overdoing in manager/employee development.

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