Why Some Average people Succeed in their Life

Some people are highly competitive throughout their studies and student life, they get jobs at right time and people vote them as “Most Likely to Succeed”. But after a super sonic start they become sluggish and don’t soar those heights which was expected from them. On the other hand, some average people register success which is beyond imagination.


One of my friend, below average student but a successful entrepreneur told me that, he left the job because after spending two years, he realized that his dream was very big and  can’t be achieved with this job. He set his sight high, then found a way to achieve his goal. Today he runs a company with turnover of more than 9 figures – at age of 36.

Why do ordinary individuals often seem to achieve so much more than some highly talented people?

Today we will check out those qualities or traits which excels ‘average’ people:

1. They are committed & Self-disciplined: Average achievers are committed to their responsibilities  and they stay glued to their chairs until they have done the best they can do. They postpone pleasure for hard work, so they can reap future dividends. Many competitive individuals, on the other hand, expect too much too soon. When rewards didn’t materialize instantly, they become frustrated and unhappy. Talent is not the only key to succeed, you need to be committed, disciplined and patient.

2. They set their goals high and early: This is main difference between an unsuccessful talent and a successful ‘average’. People who set some goals in their life, work more passionately and systematically.

3. They Believe in Relationship Building : They talk to everyone one they meet, search for an opportunity to talk to a new person. This quality improves their probability of success. They talk to their team, family, servant, watchman, driver, lift man, unknown man. This quality gives them an insight to see the people behind the statistics of business, economic, society and politics. This also helps them in taking right decisions based on intuition or gut-feeling. They leverage these relations to make business connection.

4. They Believe in people development: I think you agree on this point that most of the people succeeds on the talents of the others. Average achievers knows the art – how to use talent. They sought out for talented and disciplined people, then make effort to develop their loyalty. Their team may have more skills but such average achievers knew how to bring them together. Achievement’s credit is shared with the team, encourage them for innovation, empower them and create a culture for learning.

5. They keep improving themselves : As per Howard Gardner, a psychologist, there are  seven basic intellectual skills : Mathematical-Logical, Linguistic, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Musical, Spatial and two types of personal intelligence – how we understand others and how we deal with our own dreams, fears and frustrations.  So while some people may not be very good in maths, they may have an aptitude for design, or they may have an ability for convincing people and could become an excellent negotiator. You can see many great coaches or managers themselves were not very great players, but they lead their teams to greater heights. They develop skill to understand players and their abilities, they have special skills to manage different kind of talent and motivates them to perform as a unit for their team. Average achievers always develop some special skill through their hard work and deep interest in their job.

6. Always keep Promises: No need to justify or elaborate that you love those people who keep their promises. If everyone likes to get the delivery at promised date & time then no one can stop that person or organisation to succeed who keeps their promises.

7. They are real fighter: Henry Ford failed and went broke many times before he finally succeeded. Walt Disney was bound to leave a newspaper for lack of ideas.  Disney also went bankrupt several times before he succeed and built Disneyland. Many more such examples are there which shows that people with strong determination always succeed in their life. Average achievers are mentally very strong personalities and they always bounce back from their failures.
“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying” – Michael Jordan

8. Display Ownership and Modesty : The most ‘average’ achievers lacks ego. They take accountability of every aspect of their life – It’s always their fault when they fail and success is shared between the team. They show modesty in their speech, behavior or dress. This helps them to establish as a leader.

Please note that, no one can stop to a person with an average mind who holds his or her head high and goes about life with zest and confidence. Theodore Roosevelt once said “The average man who is successful is not a genius. He is a man who has merely ordinary qualities, but who has developed those ordinary qualities to a more than ordinary degree.”


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