Drop few luggages

LuggageWhat we normally do when we are travelling or going to a short distance but have luggage more than the capacity of our vehicle?  Obviously, we all will try to cut down the number of luggage.

You need many things when you are at home, but while travelling you have to choose the essential ones. If you will try to carry everything, then you will face difficulties in your journey and may lose some precious things on the way, because more numbers leads to more difficulties.

Same principle applies in our life!

This world is like our home, full of luggage – Relationships, career, aspirations, goals, commitments, dreams, family and love. And our life is a journey! Don’t try to travel with all the luggage which you think belongs to you.

You may put all your honest efforts to carry each and everything with you, but every time something will be left. So, its better to understand and accept that we have some limitations. Be honest to yourself and people around you…take only those things which you can handle comfortably and do justice.

Remember that at every moment of life, you will find that you are missing or leaving something but this is rule of life ! no one can get or carry everything that he want…simply leave them or neglect them.

So, its more important to concentrate on things which you have and try to make them better. Life will give you the best!


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3 Responses to Drop few luggages

  1. Smita Srivastava says:

    i just read your article “drop few luggages” and i feel that there is a great philospher hidden within you…………; very good & realistic article. its an essance of life.

  2. Shubh says:

    We all face and sometime realize such moments but never act. sometime coz of social or personal pressure, but it need to be acted upon. Good realisation # curious nerve.

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