Evil & Good inside me

Good & Ev9ilSometime I wonder how some people commit cold blooded crime while some spent sleepless nights after listening about such crimes. Some are giving their life for others, while some are killing people without even thinking.

How we are so different? If you observe kids, all are almost same – same activity, demands are same, likes, dislikes, fear, all are open &  honest, etc etc etc. Then what makes people when grow they become so different and behave in such distinct way?

I think there are several reason but one of the strongest reason is – Their moral and ethical foundation.

Referring to a condition where a person gets an opportunity to steal some cash from an open safe (of some shop),  he may go through following situations:

1. He may not imagine or think about stealing : Because he never experienced such situation or heard about it. All people around him are good, with high moral and ethical standards. So, he do not steal the cash. Chance of this situation is very low.

2. He will take it as an opportunity and runaway with the cash : Because he need money (always :)), he don’t see any wrong doing in this,  he thinks that most of the people are corrupt then why he only sacrifice the opportunity and it’s not his responsibility to correct other’s mistakes.

3. He will think about this opportunity but do not commit the crime: Because he can evaluate the opportunity on parameter of his moral and ethical values and finds that this is not the way to get money.

2nd and 3rd situation are practically common in this world. 3rd point shows that we all go through some situations or events where we can get benefits from doing something wrong or committing crime, but its our moral and ethical values who guide us to stay away.

All of us have evil & good inside. We all think bad and good things about people and society but… some of us manage to win over the bad instincts, whereas some fails. People with weak moral and ethical foundation always fail to control their negative or darker side of mind.

What is Moral?
Principles or habits of an individual with respect to right or wrong conduct.It defines how things should work according to an individuals’ ideals and principles.

What is Ethics?
Ethics refers to standards or codes of behavior expected by the group to which the individual belongs. This could be national ethics, social ethics, company ethics, professional ethics, or even family ethics.

Source of Moral and Ethical value :

1. Family upbringing: Foundation starts from here, we should ensure to practice good values to our children.

2. School / Colleges : Along with the good science, maths & literature,  institutions should also emphasis on moral and ethical development of their scholars.

3.  Society : I don’t say always track your child, but be informed about his friends and groups because these are great motivators – for good and bad both !

Please remember, Goods & Evils are inside us. It’s on you that  what you feed them – wrong values will make ‘evil’ stronger, on the other hand good value will keep your ‘good’ part healthy & strong ! Choice is yours.


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