Are you Listening?

ListeniingA customer was sitting in the bank waiting for his turn to meet the customer service executive. After 20 minutes he meet the executive and expressed his grievances on some deduction made from his account.

Customer executive interrupts him in between to explain the deduction policies – “Sir these were agreed by you during registering this account with the bank.”

Customer gets annoyed and shout-  “First listen me and my complete issue.”

But due to other work pressure, the executive was not able to hear the customer and suggest him to submit a written complaint if he has some more queries.
Customer gets furious and meet the branch manager with his appended list of complaints.

Here customer was having a complaint but he gets furious because he was not properly listened by the bank employee. This is a common issue but very sensitive because most of the relationships which expresses dissatisfaction, is due to lack of communication, and listening is  a vital part of communication.

I have spent my last 9 years at different offices dealing with frontline customer service issues and several irate customers. As per my experience, for most of them, being heard is their first priority. Solution of their problem can be deferred because they also know that system/process may take some time. Its true for me also 😉 .

Are you listening? Do you listen carefully? It makes a big difference. I have practiced this in many cases when was handing an irate customer. It works for all… friends, family, customers, bosses or anyone. Listen with empathy and allow yourself to understand other’s point of view.
When you listen to a person with empathy, it reflects  that you care and you are with him, not against. This is your first win in the challenge of handling an irate person.

Please improve your listening skills it helps in many ways. Following are the some basics for effective listening:

1.  While listening to someone, stop talking to others and to yourself.
2. Imagine the other person’s point of view.
3. Don’t read your mails, shuffle, read or write while others are talking. Your act should reflect that you are interested.
4. Do not interrupt.  Be patient.
5. Do not jump in with an evaluative, critical or discouraging comment.
6. Ask for those things which remain unexplained.
7. Please come out from pre-conceived ideas.
8. Remove distractions
9. Help the speaker to feel free and let him know that he can tell his problem without any worry.


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4 Responses to Are you Listening?

  1. Dips says:

    I agree with alok on this. Being in customer service for last 10 yrs I have learnt that everybody needs someone to listen to them patiently. This is applicable in personal life as well.

  2. Smita Srivastava says:

    I do agree with you. I am experianing the same in day to day life and feeling that listening skill plays as an instrument to calm down the anger of the person in front of you.

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