Magical Goggles

Do you know why god has not given us power to listen or read others mind?
First read out the below story…

gogglesOne old retired man, very happy with his life – loving wife, caring son and daughter, lovely grand children to spend time.
One day he visited an antique shop in search of some interesting item for his collection. There he found a pair of old goggles. The moment he wore the goggles, heard a voice – “god please ask this old man to purchase these old useless goggles”. The man looked everywhere but no one was there except the shopkeeper.

He decided to purchase that goggle for his antique collection display.
He went to the payment counter (wearing the goggles) and asked – How much?
Shopkeeper – “Rs 500”.
Old man – Its too high!
Shop owner – Its antique, you can’t evaluate its cost on quality. I can give you Rs 50 discount.

Old man paid Rs. 450. But, while leaving the counter he again heard the same voice – “What a fool old man. People can take anything, even trash, in name of antique”.
Now old man get worried, he was wondering – who is speaking? The mystery voice was matching with shopkeeper’s voice.
Finally he came to know that these goggles are magical and wearing this he can hear what people are thinking about him.

“Wow ! what a stuff” – he was very happy. He immediately reached home because he was curious to know what people are thinking about him, first his family members

At home – he asked his wife to bring a glass of water, same was served with in minutes and he didn’t listened anything bad. He becomes very happy – ‘ah! loving wife’.  In the evening when he was reading the book, wife came and asked to to join her for a evening walk. Old man refused because he was feeling tired, he immediately heard his wife’s voice – “what a old man, always thinks about himself. Never cares about me”. He was disappointed after hearing this.

Since he was trying to listen what his family members were thinking, he heard lots of good and bad things from them. Mostly good one,  but being a human being he was remembering the bad ones mostly, like –

From Son – “I don’t know how much money & property we will get when father will die.”
From Daughter – “Sometime dad act like a dictator, I feel like a hostage. Want to be free.”
From Grand Children – “You never allow us to play what we want.”

These were the rare thoughts which he read in next few days…but were enough for him to react. He was getting into state of depression and started accusing his family members for such ridiculous thoughts.

In very few days he was sent to mental asylum by his family member because they felt that he has lost his mental balance and talking frantically, which was not good for family bonding.

What happened in this case? Actually, the man was trying to read people’s mind but he forget that he can’t control people’s feeling & thoughts.  And these thoughts are very situational and dynamic in nature.

Also, if someone loves you, it does not means that he is happy with all the things which you do or give to him / her. But he/she is strongly bonded with you because at most of the time both of you feel good and healthy for each other. Avoid to read PEOPLE’ MIND and WHAT THEY THINK ABOUT YOU, because you may receive and record some bad signals which was momentary.

Love, relationship, faithfulness and loyalty are time taking process and built on solid foundation of multiple events occurred in many months or years. It stays for years ! Don’t waste time in guessing what people think about you, rather try to do good things for other and be faithful…life will become lighter & simpler.



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  1. Smita Srivastava says:

    i like too much that magical story……………..really i dont want to have this stupid goggles.

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