Let’s Change Some Rules

We all are bound and driven by some rules. At Office, society, family and even in sports everywhere we follow rules, that’s good ! but are we evaluating these rules? Sometime little experiment or bending makes life easier and gives a fresh view of the same old scenario.

I will share a real experience of my friend who joined an Indian company after her 4 year successful stint in UK. She joined a MNC in 2010 and completed almost one year with very good remarks. Suddenly due to some family issue she started finding difficulty in surviving the stressful office demands. She requested her Manager to allow at least two days in week to work from home. But this company has never allowed work from home to any of their employees due to their work policy and my friend was not so lucky to be an exception.

Since she was not allowed, she sadly handed in her resignation because her personal life was getting spoiled. Miraculously, her resignation was rejected by the company and this time she was allowed to work from home for 2 months as a try. She was happy and to prove her point she worked hard, from there she continuously worked in same manner for next one year. She earned promotion, her productivity increased and now she was more loyal to the company. Taking this case as an example company also loosened his policy substantially and now consider such requests on a case to case basis.

Rules are very important and we can’t imagine to operate large and complex organizations without having effective rules and policy. All the policies and rules have some life, after sometime they become less effective due to change in internal and external environment. In such situation our productivity and creativity starts to suffocate.

Start encouraging people who come with a new way for existing work to be done. Don’t reject them without listening, and avoid to use your decade old rules & policies as shield for such decisions. Welcome Change Friends !

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Anup Dayal
Mass Communication Professional.
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