20 Lessons of My Life

20LessonsWe all learn lots of thing from our life. It all starts from our parents, family, teachers, mentors and friends, and goes through our personal experiences in different situations of the life. Today Curious Nerve is sharing some lessons which I learnt from people around me and the circumstances encountered during the journey of my life (still learning ūüôā ).¬†

1 #¬†It is important to do right things but you should also know how to handle or avoid a wrong person.¬†Life is like a road and you are a driver….its not sufficient that you are driving correctly, you should always be alert to handle others mistakes. ¬†

2 #¬†Don’t repent on your decisions. Some decisions may look foolish today, but they were the best options available that time.

3 #¬† Don’t sit on failures, move ahead for a second try. ¬†Life is a War and failure is a result of a small battle. Fight back…your aim is to win the war, these lost battles will help you in making bigger strategies.¬†¬†

4 # If you can’t love or adore then don’t waste time is hating that person.¬†Life is too short don’t waste time in hating anyone.

5 # Never compare yourself or your life with others. You both have different targets, journey and priorities.

6 # Don’t waste energy in controlling things you cannot control. ¬†Failure leads to unwanted negative justifications.

7 # Learn to forget and forgive. This will make your life simpler and lighter.

8 # Future planning is important, but please remember that Present is most important. Don’t let your future stress to spoil your present.

9 # Always love people who loves you and care for you.

10 # Be honest. Honesty saves you from lots of sins.

11 # Don’t guess what other people are thinking about you. This will lead to waste of time & energy, some time bitterness in your relationship.

12 # Spend time with elderly people and kids. You will learn a lot of thing from them.

13 # Avoid living in past at all the time. This may lead to depression.

14 # Avoid to react to any situation or argument, always try to respond. Responding means, hear what is happening, identify the problem or situation, look at the circumstance and then act. 

15 # If you are ready to listen calmly to an angry person then you have 99% chance to handle him successfully.   

16 # Do at least one thing everyday which you love to do. It may be a movie, watching TV, paying game, evening chat, favorite food etc. 

17 # Don’t tell your problems or reveal your stress to everyone, people are already stressed and burdened by their problem. They don’t have time to solve your issue.

18 # First practice those habits which you want to see in others.

19 # Don’t test people for their¬†faithfulness. It’s a very complex subject, better to believe that “If you are faithful to your partner or friend, you will get the same from him.”¬†¬† ¬†

20 # Best of our life is yet to come. So, be positive !!!!


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4 Responses to 20 Lessons of My Life

  1. Roli Srivastava says:

    I liked this article…As now a days everyone is going through a stressful life and although sometimes we know what to do but we do not want to implement those thing…this article reminded me those things again in a very subtle way

  2. gopalm says:

    Very valuable lessons. Thanks, I also share some of them.

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