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Honesty                                                          3:00 PM…..I was engrossed in analyzing some data in my office,  in the meantime, got a call from one of my colleague from other department – “Can I have your 30 minutes for clarifying an issue related to one of our critical service provider”. I was well aware that today it’s very difficult to attend any other meeting because my plate was already full for the day, but this guy was one of my good friend, so I replied – “I will be there in next one hour”. After one hour, he again called me up to confirm that I am coming or not, I replied -“give me sometime, I will be there in next 30 minutes”.

Finally at 6:15 pm I arrived at his desk , but he was already leaving for the day. He said – “Two more people were waiting for you for this meeting……anyway, will have this meeting tomorrow,  let me know your availability tomorrow morning”.

He didn’t said any thing, but inside somewhere the feeling was not good . Though, I was helping my colleague and trying best to honor his request but that was definitely not an honest effort.  I was not honest in my reply & commitment, it resulted in loss of precious time of colleagues, stress for me, distraction from current work for me and above all the guilt  feeling.

Once again it was proved that  Honesty is the world’s best labor saving device . If I was honest enough and make it clear to my colleague that today  I am  busy, we can have this discussion tomorrow,  then we might not ended up with losing time and resource.  Most of us believe in honesty but due to certain circumstances we choose to oppress it.  We are so deeply engaged in deceptions which is squandering precious time and irreplaceable energy. It is very smartly covered under the virtuous cloak of Diplomacy.

This incident sparked my curiosity to learn more about Honesty.  And it was no surprise for me to discover it as much more than a labor-saving device,  it is very effective in almost all aspects of the life  – Honesty is the best Policy . For example:

  • Builds Trust:

Trust is most delicate part of any relationship and to maintain it,  you need to be honest. Once trust is broken, it is hardest thing to rebuild. You must have gone through such experience(s) (if not, then you are luckiest person on earth), its occurs mostly because people are not honest towards their promise or commitment and its delivery. Imagine a child, to whom his parents promised to buy a bicycle, if he secures a good rank.  But if this promise is not kept, then it hurts the child and he took his time to recover.  Always remember – “Lies deteriorate relationships, can ruin them permanently. Honesty nourishes relationships and keep them healthy forever.”   

  • Saves Time & Energy:

Honesty always saves your time and resource, case discussed above is an example. Instead of lying because you don’t want to hurt someone, its always better to be honest while accepting and replying.  Best example is the way we handle the calls received by all of us from ‘telesales executives’. If you are honest enough and tell them that you are not interested in the product then it will save your as well as executives time.

  • Saves you from bad manners :

Many a time when we have committed something but not able to deliver it, then we keep avoiding that person by not picking his calls or avoid meeting or by giving false information. If you give him the correct picture honestly then it may hurt or tarnish your image temporarily but it will save you from some bad manners which spreads like anything in our society & professional life. 

  • Saves Needles Fabrication:

A family recently moved into a new house.  While unpacking the boxes, father realized that he hadn’t seen his valuable crystal ball. The vendor’s men started searching it in the scrap of boxes and paper, while the father and her young daughter searched cupboards and shelves. After searching more than an hour, my father saw a bit of crystal on the kitchen floor. The girl looked at her father and burst into tears. “I dropped it early this morning”, she confessed.

The father was distressed over the loss of a treasure. But he was more distressed over the unnecessary trouble his child had caused. The girl has wasted an hour of six people -almost a day’s work, only because she was trying to hide the truth by contriving.  But she learned the lesson of her life that – “If truth hurts, hiding it hurts worse.”   

  • Brings Inner Peace:

Being honest the person saves time, people trust him, he maintains a healthy relationship with people around him, he need not to indulge himself in fabrication or ingenuity and he is far away from lies and his mind is free from any complication. I don’t think anything else is required for Inner Peace.   

  • It sets you free:

Being honest gives tremendous freedom to your life. You are not worried about the methods to remember what lies you told to whom, you can meet everyone without any hesitation, you can go anywhere and do whatever you want. Dishonesty is like a spider web, when someone gets caught into the web he looses his freedom and finally it costs them to their live or social image.

Please take out some time from your busy schedule to find out – Are we wasting time and energy in carrying out deceptions and fabricated lifestyle? Be honest towards yourself and people around you…life will become amazingly simpler and easy !!!    

Few great statements about Honesty:

# Honesty is a very expensive gift. Do not expect it from cheap people .  – Warren Buffet

# No legacy is so rich as honesty. – William Shakespeare

# A sarcastic person has a superiority complex that can be cured only by the honesty of humility. – Lawrence G. Lovasik  


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