Red Wine or White?

These are the kind of dilemmas which crop up daily—-> Should I have red wine or white?, exercise in morning or evening?, heavy meal in dinner or lunch? etc.
A book now published can help you in making your daily decisions,  also explains that which is the right answer considering your health, wealth and happiness. Let see few interesting dilemmas and their scientific answers:Dilemma

1. Red Wine or White?

Ans:  Go for Red
Red wine has several magic ingredients, including resveratrol, a substance that scientist believe may help to fight both heart disease and cancer. But please remember that most of the research on reveratrol has been done on animal in labs, not human.

2. Exercise in Morning or Evening?

Ans: Morning is recommended
As an early bird, you are less likely to be diverted by things during the day that scupper your plans to go to the gym or out for a run. Sleep experts also advocate exercise earlier rather than later because physical activity stimulate your body and makes it harder to go to sleep.

3. Shower or Bath?

Ans: Shower….should be snappy
Taking a shower uses less water (normal bath) in comparison to bucket & mug. A shower typically uses 8-9 liters in a minute and if you are spending time in singing then you may consume more water.

4. Cereals or Eggs?

Ans: Eggs works well with you.
Eggs are low in calories, rich in proteins and a good source of vitamins.They have some cholesterol which not so potentially harmful. On the other hand, Cereal is often full of calories and loaded with sugar.

5. Main meal for Lunch or Dinner?

Ans: Evening is the time for main meal.
Eating a lot makes us feel sleepy because the brain cells that keep us alert are damped down by raised sugar after a meal. So, avoid a big blow-out at lunch, unless you are on holiday or it’s the weekend.

6. TV or Computer Game?

Ans: Game on.
Video games are positively good for us.They increase optimism by making hard things seem possible, increases curiosity, and create sense of awe and wonder. Improves the ability of logical thinking and reasoning. On the other hand, TV restricts the possibility of thinking and reasoning because it gives the question and answer both.

7. Cycle Helmet or not?

Ans: Don’t get rid of the ‘Hell – Mate’
When it comes to the risk of death and head injury, the evidence is conclusive : wearing a helmet cuts the risk of the head injuries by around 69% and death by 42%.

Reference : ‘Latte or Cappuccino?: 125 Decisions That Will Change Your Life’ by Hilly Janes


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