25 Facts about Brain

Brain1Here is the collection of some interesting facts and figures about one of the most complex organ of our body –  The Brain!

We can also define our brain as “Central Processing Unit” of our body. It controls almost all the activities happening inside our body or outside due to our body. ’25 Facts about Brain’ consists  some important factoids which are general in nature and easy to understand. 

  1. The average Male’s brain weighs 1360 grams (3 pounds) . The average Female’s brain weighs 1250 grams (2.8 pounds).
  2. The brain takes the longest time to develop and goes through more changes than any other organ.
  3. A human brain is 75% water and has the consistency similar to firm tofu or soft gelatin.
  4. The human brain consists of 60% fat, making it one of the fattiest organs in the body
  5. The human brain consists of approximately 100 billion neurons (is an electrically excitable cell that processes and transmits information through electrical and chemical signals). Each neuron has somewhere between 1,000 and 10,000 synapses, equaling about 1 quadrillion synapses.
  6. If all the neurons in the human brain were lined up, they would stretch 600 miles.
  7. Eyeballs are a direct physical extension of the brain.
  8. While awake, a human brain can generate enough energy to power a light bulb (between 10-23 watts).
  9. There are more than 100,000 chemical reactions happening in the human brain every second.
  10. The brain does not have any pain receptors and, consequently, cannot feel pain.
  11. The human brain has around 100,000 miles of blood vessels.
  12. During early pregnancy, approximately 250,000 neurons develop per minute. After birth, a newborn’s brain nearly triples in size in its first year.
  13. Approximately 20% of the total oxygen in the human body is used by the brain. The brain also uses 20% of the body’s total blood.
  14. The human brain can process information as fast as 268 miles/hr. Information travels to the brain at different speeds because neurons are built differently.
  15. Humans have more brain cells at the age of two than at any other time of their lives
  16. Everyone’s brain starts out as female. The brain of males begins to become masculinized around eight weeks after conception after exposure to male hormone testosterone.
  17. In humans, the left side of the brain controls speech. In birds, the left side of the brain controls song. At least in this way, humans are “bird brained”.
  18. The sense of smell connects to the part of the brain that also controls emotions and memories. This is why smells often evoke strong memories.
  19. Humans grow faster at night than they do during the day because a small part of the brain, the pituitary gland, releases a growth hormone at night while a person sleeps.
  20. The heaviest known normal human brain belonged to the Russian Writer Ivan Turgenev, who died in 1883. His brain weighed 2021 grams, more than a pound heavier than the average male brain.
  21. The smallest known normal brain belonged to a woman who died in 1977. Her brain weighed just 2.41 pounds.
  22. Chronic exposure to stress overloads the brain with powerful hormones that are intended for short-term functions in emergency situations. Long-term exposure has a cumulative effect that kills brain cells.
  23. Experts estimate that in a lifetime, a human brain may retain one quadrillion separate bits of information.
  24. Wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of brain injury by as much as 80%.
  25. A star fish is living specie and has no brain !!!!!

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