The other side of the problem

fatherA father was reading a magazine while his little daughter was playing around and distracting him frequently. 

Trying to keep her busy, he pull out a page on which world map was printed. He then tore the page into multiple pieces and asked her to go to other room and join them together to make the correct map again.

He was very sure that she is going to take whole day to complete this activity. But the little girl came back in few minutes with the perfect map !!!!! 

When he asked that how she made it so quickly, she replied , “Oh…Papa, there is a big cartoon printed on the other side of the paper…I made the cartoon perfect and this map automatically become perfect.” Then she went outside to play….. leaving her father astonished.

Learning :

This story indirectly teaches a lesson i.e. whenever we face a problem or a puzzling situation, we focus on the problem so much that we forget to look at the other side.

So in such situations, please look at the other side….  You will be surprised by exploring a fresh and easy way to tackle the problem!

Author : Unknown


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