7 Habits of Lucky People

7HabitsofLuckyIs title sounds crazy? But this is true, Lucky people have distinct habits.
Have you ever tried to find out why do some people seem to get all the breaks? Is it just luck that drives them to success?
The fact is, “Lucky” people move through life with a different attitude than most. They develop habits that capitalize on good fortune.
Today I am listing down the 7 golden rules of Lucky people that can change your luck. Whether you are trying to improve yourself, changing jobs, getting into new business/venture, starting your career, adapting these habits can improve your chance of success.

1. They take calculated Risk:
Taking calculated risks means boldness with forethought. It means weighing the outcome and avoiding unwise action. While taking risk, these people are aware of the worst possible outcome and always prepared to deal with it. But how these people are aware of the future outcomes? Simple, they have thorough knowledge / experience of the subject or understanding of the situation. Lucky people know the difference between risky and rash, between an informed hunch and a vain hope.
Lucky people perform acts that seem daring, but in fact they are playing out informed hunches with a clear sense of the probability of success.

2. They turn problems into Opportunity:
Lucky people take a second looks at things, where others barely see the first time. “Problems can become opportunities when the right people come together” – R South.
Here I would like to mention name an Indian cricketer B S Chandrashekhar – An attack of polio in childhood left his right arm emaciated, but Chandra turned his handicap into an advantage. After a long, bouncing run-up, he delivered sharp googlies, spiteful topspinners and legbreaks at near medium-pace from the back of his hand with a whipping action. He was named as a Wisden Cricketer of the Year in 1972 and won the Wisden’s “Best bowling performance of the century” award in 2002, for his 6 wickets for 38 runs against England at the Oval in 1971. I am sure people must be having sympathy with this ace cricketer in his initial days but when he capitalized his challenge into opportunity, many found saying that “he is lucky to get such hand that naturally fires the sharp googlies, spiteful topspinners and legbreaks”

3. They know when to back off:
Unlucky people are often stubborn. Out of ego or ignorance, they don’t know when to cut their losses and change course. Lucky people on the other hand, have flair for “getting out when the getting is good”. Lucky people are always ready to change course for the right opportunity.

4. They reach out to People:
Lucky people are never too busy to meet new people and to keep up old acquaintances. They chat with the person next to them on plane and exchange business cards, they take opportunity to talk to lift men, taxi drivers, waiters – everyone they encounter. They join clubs and professional organizations. They talk, and are talked about.
This enables Lucky people to see the people behind the statistics of business, economic, society and politics. You never know what insight or solution may come to you in unforeseen contacts with people.
One of the leading Job search portal head said that many of his prospects for top jobs “are simply people who have made themselves known to other people”.

5. They use persistence Smartly:
Successful people have the determination to “butt their heads against the wall,” but they use that determination more efficiently by looking at the wall for loose stones, low spots, and hidden gates. You can also say that they are ‘smart hard workers’.

6. They silently work without Procrastinating:
Lucky people work very hard but they never make noise of it. They work till completion of the task, they are disciplined, value time and stay composed. This is one of the hardest lessons to grasp because some people make it all look so easy. We see them enjoying the fruit and have no idea what effort they put for planting and watering the tree. This is the quality due to which people feel that “this is a Lucky chap” because he never reveals his efforts and apparent effortlessness is a part of his hard work.

7.  They always have positive Expectation:  
A positive attitude can really make dreams come true – it did for me – David Bailey    Lucky people always expect they will be lucky and successful…they are naturally optimistic. They have strong belief in themselves and always predict of positive outcomes in all they undertake…always see the glass half full.

These are the habits of Lucky people (now you must have got it that I am talking about successful people) who can be distinguished among any numbers. Their enduring approach is the secret of their success. “Luck” is nothing more than a “Chance”, but who grabs it, becomes Lucky!

It’s not like that such people are not effected by the ups and downs of their life and they exclude the happy chance or unfortunate circumstances from their life, but they merely deny that these things should rule our lives.


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