How to create Google Alerts?

Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your queries. This is a content monitoring service, offered by the search engine giant Google, that automatically notifies users when new content from news, web, blogs, video and/or discussion groups matches a set of search terms selected by the user and stored by the Google Alerts service. Notifications can be sent to the user by email or as a web feed.  This service is useful for many reasons such as monitoring the web for specific information about you, your company, your online content’s popularity or your competition. 

Let’s create your first Google Alert :

1. First open the browser and type : It will open below page:


 2. Enter the ‘Search Query’ in first row. . It will be the topic you would like to receive alerts on. As soon as you begin typing, a sample of your first Google alert will appear at right side of the browser. If you are not getting the results you expected you can change your input right away.

3.  Select the source from ‘Result Type’ drop down list. This option will set the source from where your query will be searched for alerts. The default value is ‘Everything’, which is a good choice if you’re not sure about the source. The other options are: News, Blogs, Video, Discussions and Books.

4. Select the frequency for alert from ‘How Often’. You can set the rule that how often you would like the results to be delivered to your inbox. You have the options of once a week, once a day, or as it happens.

5. Select the volume of the alerts from ‘How Many’. There are two options, ‘only the best results’ – Google will filters your results for relevance to the topic,  ‘All Result’ – All the alerts are sent to you inbox.

6. Now last option, enter a valid email Id in ‘Deliver to’ field. This email Id should be the destination where you want the alert to be delivered.

7. Then complete the process by clicking on the red ‘Create Alert’ button. A mail will be sent to your selected email Id for confirmation or cancellation of the services. Once you confirm the request you will start receiving your alerts. Your first basic Google Alert is now complete. See the sample screen shot ‘manage your Alerts”  dashboard.


8. You can manage you current search alerts by logging into the google account. You can Modify, delete, export or create new alert.

9. Try to narrow down your searches to get specific results. Sometime Google alerts are directed to Spam folder of your email, to avoid such situation you can add Google Alert in your contact list.


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