Curious about Self Renewal….First Know yourself !

“Knowing yourself is most difficult thing for anyone….. at the same time it is most inconvenient !!!”

knowing urself

In 2011, I was transferred to a new City which is far away (almost 1600 kms)  from my native where I was living from almost 33 years with my family, friends & very familiar societies  . Needless to say that I was completely tuned to the environment and was imprisoned in a very comfortable web (woven by myself only). During this transfer, in the initial 5 month I was staying away from my family in an environment…which was completely fresh, different, full of curiosity and confusion. In such type of situation everyday is injected by a unique situation/feeling/emotions   During such time ‘self-renewal’ is required and to succeed in this transformation ‘Knowing yourself’ is the key.

It’s a known fact that ‘knowing yourself’ is inconvenient…tiresome…. awkward.  So, we  have employed an enormous variety of methods which can help us in running away from ourselves. Today we can keep our self so busy, stuff our head with so much of knowledge and involved with so many people that we never able to manage time to explore the wonderful world within, or you can say that we don’t want to explore ourselves. knowing urself1

Sometime it happens that one of the major change of life – Marriage, a move to new town, change of  job, war etc – breaks the pattern of our lives and quite suddenly reveals to us how much we have been imprisoned by the comfortable web we have woven around ourselves. This type of break in the patterns of our life, push us to discover the resources and abilities within ourselves which we have never explored or experienced.

By knowing yourself better you can do renewal of yourself (Self Renewal) as per the changed pattern of life. You become a new person feeling better and more able, more competent and more effective by your willingness to adopt innovative ideas or appropriate measures. Why some individuals capable of ‘self-renewal while others are not? No one exactly knows.  Following are 5 important clues which can help us in successful self renewal experience but these clues will come from our self only. I have already experienced the same  during my toughest 6 months and now practicing it….

Explore your Horizons: As the year go by, most of us progressively narrow the scope and the variety of our lives.186794_the_end_ We reduce our number of interests, we reduce our number friends/ associate, our ideas coagulate. This may be an inevitable part of living, but it is also a kind of imprisonment.  Self renewing individuals are versatile and adaptive. They avoid being trapped in the procedures and routines of the moment, or being imprisoned by fixed habits and attitude. Travelling can be a vibrant experience. It shakes us out of our apathy , recharge us with new energy, renews our freshness of perception and we recapture many things from the new people and children.

Explore your Abilities: Most of us are not aware of the full range of their abilities. The development of the abilities is dependent on246171_jump the dialogue between the individual and his environment. A boy with in hockey playing family with good fitness/growth will have no trouble in discovering his talent. But most abilities are not so readily evoked, and most of us have some abilities that never developed, simply because the circumstance of our lives never called them forth. So, don’t leave it on life that he will make the environment and help you in exploring the abilities, rather one can pursue it systematically or passionately.

Risk Failure : Fear of failure prevents exploration and experimentation, and leads to progressive narrowing of personality. To keep learning and growing like a child during his infancy, you must keep on trying new thing without bothering about failure. 1133804_sign_success_and_failure

Often the difference between a successful person and a failure is not one has better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on one’s ideas, to take a calculated risk – and to act. – Andre Marlaux

Follow your beliefs: People who do what they love or find the meaning in what they are doing are pumped with amazing source of energy.  Everyone can’t to the same because we are already trapped in a imprison of intricately organised and over -verbalized web of abstractions . It is wisdom to cut through such abstractions and artificialities and do at least one thing to which you enjoy through deep of your heart. Either in our career, or home, or part time activities, we should be doing something about which we care deeply – one little thing that we can do with burning conviction. Believing in yourself is all about being sure that you are going to do whatever you want even if others were against you. Have you ever seen any one who refuse to buy a car /bike because he don’t know how to drive? I never met any one like this….That’s belief.
Love and Friendship : One of the most important characteristic of self renewing people that they have mutually fruitful relationship with other human beings. They are capable of accepting and giving love which is not an easy task. Your positive social circle with love and friendship dissolves the rigidity of isolation.372945_heartshaped_hands

Knowing yourself is journey which gives you flexibility to mold yourself according to the challenges of life which comes because of some sudden change in your life pattern. It’s not only for changes and subsequent ‘self renewals’, if we are working towards ‘knowing yourself’ it helps us in selection of better things for our life!!!

#If you have some additional clues over this topic then please share with me through your comment.

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  1. Saurabh says:

    Beautifully crafted…basically everyone should take time reveal the truth of themselves. impressed!

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