What can be learned from Children?

I was busy in completing the project which was given to me by my boss with a great trust that same will be completed by me during the weekend.  Trust was the factor pushing me to complete the job at any cost and I was putting all my attention on it. Suddenly my wife and my 6 year old son entered in the room with stuffs they bought during shopping and they gave me a gift wrapped ‘dart game’.  Initially I assumed it was for my two children because same was small and made up of plastic, but then my wife said that same is exclusively for you.


“Let’s go and play Papa” the children requested. I looked at my laptop…I was running short of time.  But I agreed for 5 games and started playing the game. I watched my kids were trying to hit the bulls eye but same was going out of the board. “Why don’t you try?” my son said. I took the dart and hit the board…kids cheered me “Great Shot”. Then what…one more try to hit the bull’s eye, son challenged me and so on. Two hour gone…after the game I felt like charged by some positive energy and the project which was eating my whole day, completed in next two hours.


Those moment in front of the dart board pulled me in touch with a childlike spirit too long neglected, too often buried under the worries of adulthood. We often believe that for a grown up life we must leave behind all vestiges of childhood. Actually we cheat ourselves. Without ‘childlikeness’ we lose our capacity to be simple, spontaneous, aware, trusting, and open to life. 

These characteristics are not die as we grow older but are buried under our social, educated and grownup experiences. We can reclaim our childlike spirit by opening ourselves to the lessons children offer us everyday:


1. Enjoy the Life: Long, tedious hours at the office can dull us to the joy of life, and we can’t ignore the demands of the workplace. But we can punctuate our work day with bits of playfulness. Most of the organisation strive for leisure activities and plays because they believe that “Employees who stay in touch of life’s joys are the most productive employee”. Childlike play gives a new jolt of energy to people worn out by the overwork. Lightening our hearts in this way allows us to loosen up and enjoy our days rather than endure them.


2. Unconditional love : The greatest lesson children can teach us is to be in touch with the heart. My  elder brother visited Mumbai last week, his 5 year old son, like other kids, is very naughty. So, some time he gets some dose (mild punishment) from mother. Once…after getting such dose he was sad n sitting with my wife, to tease him my wife asked “Why you love your mother when she punishes you so frequently?”. He immediately…. innocently answered “because she is very beautiful”.  Actually he simply want to say that he loves her without any reason or condition! We love most deeply when when we love with full and indiscriminate compassion of child.

As adults we sometime need children to show us things which we fail to see through our clever, practical and mind oriented heart.


“Accept the children the way we accept trees—with gratitude, because they are a blessing—but do not have expectations or desires. You don’t expect trees to change, you love them as they are.” ― Isabel Allende

3. Stay Curious  : As time passes we get into a very common habit of ignoring the world around curiousus. But children see things most adults never do, and their observation often lead question that stretch the mind and quicken the soul. Aristotle said that philosophy begins with wonder. Children, then, are the philosopher among us. How high the sky is? How day & night happen? Why do dongs wag their tails? Why sky is blue? Why we can’t fly? What was her before god made the world? I have encountered many such questions at one time or another. They spark our own ponderings, causing us – like a child – to think about the question bigger than ourselves.

4. Dare to be yourself : Once my son who is in class 1st, was doing a homework where he need to draw an elephant with some details. He came to me with a drawing of an elephant and requested to write some details about the animal on the sheet. I was surprised to see that this elephant was of blue color, asked him to redraw and use grey or black because Elephants are generally grey or dark grey in color. “But Papa, my elephant is Blue, I imagined it in my thoughts and wish to see in reality” My wife supported my kid and we sent the image as it is. Next day, I get a call in office, my son was yelling with joy that he secured 5 stars on his picture.  This was a testament to the creative daring of a child who risked his own vision of truth.  Many of the world’s artistic creations and scientific discoveries springs from just this kind of childlike daring.


5. Be open to trust and faith : You must have seen or experienced small kids laughing when we toss them in the air and catch, he never thinks about being dropped…that’s trust!(tossing baby in air is not good for baby’s health). Children are born with an enormous capacity to be open to believe and they are essentially trusting. We should learn this trait from them to cultivate energy & peace of mind. The leaders  who have faith in their team are more successful, those who have faith in their partners are living more happily and if team or followers have faith in their leader/organisation then they stretch their ability for 100%.


6. Honesty & Open to Change : Children are honest, they don’t know how to lie that’s why they are so open, joyful and full of positive energy. They are always open to changes because they always believe in themselves.

Do you remember yourself when you were kid? You never worried  worried about money, jobs, politics, economy etc…etc. We didn’t have angry bosses, targets, deadlines, or departmental competition . Instead, all we had was boundless energy, lovely parents, spirited friends who always ready to spend time with you, open space for everyone, extended smile and bundle of joy! 

 But as we grew up,  we lost the charm of life….what went wrong? Think about it !
I have been fortunate to have two kids who teach me the most valuable lessons of life. I am looking forward to more years of learning from them.
So, whats your learning from these little teachers – the perfect mentors…please share it!

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  1. Rupesh Agarwal says:

    I am loving these articles from your site…Children are source of energy and my sweet stressbusters…Thanks

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    Keep posting such articles…

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